Mortar powers property through partnerships and collaborations that explore innovative uses of space and new technology.

Mortar delivers advice, support, training and skills to local communities; empowering young leaders, local businesses, and residents with initiatives and campaigns tailored around buildings, properties and the high street. Our current work involves digital inclusion projects for tenants, provision of affordable workspace, and the effective occupation of meanwhile spaces.

Our Team

For over 15 years we have operated a wide variety of businesses and companies and offer experience in tech development, property management, workspace provision, galleries, studios, catering and hospitality. Our work has helped to build relationships and deliver partnerships with local authorities, research institutions, public and social sector bodies, and private developers.

Mortar Foundation
2a Chatham Place, London, E9 6LL


Mortar works through collaborations and partnerships. We are proud to be currently working with people from the following businesses, companies, charities and organisations: